Saturday, February 28, 2009

audrey simon's meatloaf

When my women friends are in need of support, and prepared food is on the list of "most helpful", I make Audrey Simon's meatloaf to take over to them.

I've posted about Audrey previously. My oldest and most loyal friend, Audrey passed away nearly 2 years ago, in mid-April. She has been on my mind and in my heart lately, as the year pushes towards the 2nd anniversary.

Over the last year, I've made Audrey's meatloaf, with mashers and peas at least a dozen times. My women friends have complicated lives. For some families, who tend to have more opportunities for support from friends and community than other families, I've made Audrey's meatloaf more than once. Sometimes it is requested specifically.

Let me just clear up one important fact: Audrey Simon's meatloaf recipe makes the best meatloaf in all the land. It's magically delicious. If a sample of Earth's best food was sent to distant solar systems in order to impress and seduce other living creatures, Audrey's meatloaf would be an imperative. Very close in the favorite's running to homemade vanilla cake with caramel frosting (another post, soon), or my husband Jeff's home-cured pancetta (could be a post I suppose), and lobster tails with melted butter (no post necessary).

Earlier today I dropped off a meal of Audrey's meatloaf, mashed potatoes loaded with butter and raw cream, and little green peas that had been frozen in the fall to a dear friend who is recoverying beautifully from a recent surgery. She called a little while ago and left me a message about how much she enjoyed the food. I'll be sure to remind her when I call her back that it's Audrey's meatloaf recipe. And then I'll think again of Audrey, who in addition to giving me full hearted love, appreciation, and acceptance, was generous enough to also give me her meatloaf recipe.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

spring is coming

I was browsing through my favorite local photographer, Myra Klarman's blog and found a photo of my husband Jeff and me that I just love, love, love to pieces. The photo represents to me something essential and deeply valuable about our marriage. We are standing near enough to each other to be held in the same photo, but enough apart from each other for us each to have our very own experience of that moment.

It is, to me, a lovely photographic capture of how we move through our life together-- close enough to nourish and sustain us together as a couple, yet separate enough to have our own opportunities to experience life in our own individual ways. I'm feeling especially lucky these days to be married to a man who supports my endeavors, reassures me when I am feeling lost, gives me space to be fully who I am, and believes in my abilities and creativity.

Seeing Myra's photo this morning took me instantly back to a sun warmed, early April day last year at the annual Festifools extravaganza in downtown Ann Arbor where locals make fabulous, inventive, irreverent and sometimes political costumes to parade up and down Main Street for several hours. What a wonderful rite of spring for our community! Check out their website and join in the fun.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

diner for a day

Our Diner for a Day fundraiser was a huge success. We served breakfast to over 160 people! The food was amazing, the volunteers worked tirelessly, and everyone had a blast. We are already planning our next event!
Check out more photos by Amanda Edmunds of Growing Hope here: