Monday, March 30, 2009

a week later; an organ lighter

Off the blog grid this last week due to a medical emergency. My daughter had her appendix removed early Wednesday morning. She is recovering beautifully, and we're both hopeful she will be well enough by Saturday to leave for Paris-- a trip we planned 8 months ago. Lots to be grateful for, whether we make it to Paris, or not.

Friday, March 13, 2009

selma cafe

We had our 3rd Selma Cafe this morning, with Jeremy Lopatin cooking up delicious omelettes with michigan mushrooms, cheese and baby spinach, along with Jeff's just smoked diced ham. Waffles with fruit and bacon and my homemade granola rounded out the menu. Over 50 people showed up to eat, chat and build community around local food, farm and garden initiatives. Myra Klarman captured the morning in her usual style of enthusiasm and fun. Catherine Thursby of the very sweet and cool Red Shoes Home Goods came with some lovely friends, and also documented Selma Cafe with some great photos, including some of our backyard chickens. If you are in the neighborhood next Friday between 6:30 and 10am please come by and join us! Have a wonderful weekend, where ever you are.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

balance: an ancient wisdom tradition in contemporary living

One of the things I appreciate the most about Kripalu yoga is the philosophic clarity that it is possible to bring the ancient wisdom tradition of yoga into our contemporary, and sometimes chaotic lives with balance and grace. What a relief!
I can call asanas by their Sanskrit names or by their English names, or, when I am teaching my classes in the juvenile jail, by whatever name the kids want to call them. (My favorite these days is Utkatasana--in English we call it Standing Squat--my juvie class calls it Thunder Thighs).
I didn't have enough yoga ties in my home studio, so I got some used men's suit ties at the last clothing exchange I attended, and we use those too. I'm big on avoiding fancy yoga clothes, special props, or dedicated spaces. If there is room to throw down a mat, great! No mat handy, no worries, I can do without. My yogini friend Lauren and I have discussed this on numerous occasions, and we both agree that daily sadhana can be an any-time-any-place practice for a minute, or for an hour. No rules frees me up to experience yoga whenever the urge strikes in whatever setting I find myself.
When people ask me about Kripalu yoga, they often want to know how it is different from other, more popular forms of yoga that they may already know. After talking about the importance in Kripalu yoga of warming up the body, connecting with the breath, and supporting a compassionate heart, I like to mention that Kripalu yoga allows each person to find their own way into a yoga practice, honoring where they are in body, mind and spirit, with lots of room to show up however they happen to be that day.
As I have deepened my experience of Kripalu yoga, both in teaching classes and in my practice, I have allowed myself more and more room to find balance in my life across many settings--family, home, workplace and community, and have become happier and more content as a result. What a gift to give ourselves--an ancient wisdom tradition finds its way into our modern lives at a time when we need it most.